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SYNERGY sɪnərdʒi

15 Dec 2018


  • the increased result by combining two or more things.
Example Sentence: Working together we create a synergy that we couldn't do alone.

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14 Dec 2018



  • 무언가의 크기가 갑자기 증가.
예제 문장 : 제품에 대한 관심이 최근 급등이있었습니다.

SUBORDINATE səˈbɔrdnˌeɪt

13 Dec 2018


  • somebody who is in a lower position than somebody else in an organisation.
Example Sentence: He was accused of abusing his subordinates.

STICKING POINT stɪkɪn pɔɪnt

12 Dec 2018


  • a point in a negotiation where progress cannot be made.
Example Sentence: A key sticking point in the negotiations was the issue of salaries.

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11 Dec 2018



  • 사람이 안으로 투자했다는 기업의 비중
예제 문장 : 그는 회사의 20 %의 지분을 보유하고 있습니다.

STAGNATE stægneɪ

10 Dec 2018


  • to not grow or develop.
Example Sentence: Property sales in villages near the factory have stagnated.

SLOWDOWN sloʊˌdaʊn

09 Dec 2018


  • when something becomes less active and less is produced.
Example Sentence: They forecast a slowdown in UK economic growth.

SHORE UP ʃɔr ʌp

08 Dec 2018

Phrasal Verb

  • to make a system or organisation stronger and less likely to fail.
Example Sentence: The president has promised to shore up the economy.

SALES FORECAST seylz fɔrˌkæst

07 Dec 2018


  • a prediction of how you expect sales to change in the future.
Example Sentence: The company lowered it sales forecast for the third quarter.

SALES FORCE seɪlz fɔrs

06 Dec 2018


  • all the people who sell for a company.
Example Sentence: The company is hoping to expand its sales force.

REVAMP riˈvæmp

05 Dec 2018


  • to change something in order to make it better and more modern.
Example Sentence: The company plans to revamp all its outlets over the coming year.

소매 아울렛
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04 Dec 2018

riteɪl aʊtlɛt


  • 제품이 일반인에게 판매하고 있습니다 곳이 네요.
예제 문장 : 그들은 아메리카, 유럽과 아시아 지역에 매장되어 있습니다.

RESTRUCTURE riˈstrʌktʃər

03 Dec 2018


  • to make changes to the organisation of a company.
Example Sentence: The new owner plans to restructure the failing car maker.

경기 후퇴
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02 Dec 2018



  • 경제 하락과 낮은 소비의 시대.
예제 문장 : 1980 년대의 붐 이후 영국 경제는 경기 침체에 빠졌습니다.

RECEIVABLES rɪˈsivəbəls

01 Dec 2018


  • money that a business expects to receive.
Example Sentence: The company generates roughly $400 million in receivables annually.