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TOPIC: Study Skills to Improve your English

Study Skills to Improve your English #591

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Below we suggest some basic study skills to help you improve all aspects of your English.


listen for the general idea
listen for important details
listen for grammatical forms
check your progress with comprehension questions


read quickly for the general idea (skimming)
read silently without moving your mouth
read carefully for important details
notice word order and grammatical patterns while reading
find the most important words and highlight only these words
read about your personal interests in English
check your progress with comprehension questions


repeat new words by speaking and writing
gesture while repeating a new action verb
list new words by topic
read dictionary entries thoughtfully
check dictionaries for all the meanings of a word
check other similar-sounding or similarly-spelled words
write hard-to-remember words on cards
sort vocabulary cards into topics
sort vocabulary cards alphabetically
sort vocabulary cards by how well you know the words
think about ways you can use a new word in your life
make an example sentence to use a new word
speak or write your new words in real communication
chart words by meanings – with similar and opposite meanings
cut apart long compound words and identify prefixes, roots and suffixes
study variant forms of prefixes, roots and suffixes


test your hearing of similar but distinct English sounds
use a mirror to see if your tongue and lips are in the correct position
repeat difficult phrases to exercise your mouth muscles
copy English speech rhythm with a drum or nonsense syllables
check your progress by dictation to a native speaker


compare the charts and explanations of one grammar point in different books
compare English word order and grammar forms with your language
use computer grammar practice for quick feedback
listen for grammar
practice grammar in speaking
check progress with grammar tests


rehearse model recorded conversations
relax to develop fluency
meet people who use English for conversation
use English at certain times with friends or family members
arrange a conversation practice group
give a little speech about something of personal importance


study spelling rules
learn cursive writing or italic calligraphy
write your personal story in English
write letters to a pen pal
write a letter to a newspaper or politician
write stories and practice irregular past tense forms
write a report after reading something interesting
translate something from your language then compare your English with a native speaker's translation to study word order and communication style.
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