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TOPIC: Tips on Using Connectives

Tips on Using Connectives #588

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Connectives are linking words or phrases that connect two ideas, facts, events, etc. They join the ideas but also signal what is coming next, e.g. a contrasting fact or a purpose. These signals help the listener or reader to understand the connection between ideas. Here are some examples:

1. Contrast (+/-):
Last year's profits amounted to ten million, whereas the previous year's profit was eight million.
We have not yet received our order, even though we contacted you a month ago.
Although I haven't made any sales yet, there some very likely sales which I expect to be confirmed by Friday.
We aren't currently looking for any clerical workers; however, please call back and check in three months.
We were able to contact the borrower, but he denied liability.
Despite all the problems, we were able to complete the project on time and on budget.

2. Consequence (result):
The company needs to expand its international business. We therefore recommend the opening up of new markets in Asia.
Since you have not paid a deposit, we are cancelling your order.
As a result of the error in the quotation, we're going to make a loss on this contract.
We've made a number of improvements to the product. As a result, customer satisfaction has also improved.
We didn't offer her the position, because she didn't have the necessary qualifications.

3. Adding information:
The refunds are substantial. They are, in addition, easy to claim.
As well as John and Peter, two other sales staff will be attending the conference.
Not only are we short-staffed, but the staff we have are also inexperienced.

4. Explaining:
We'll need to make personnel cuts. In other words, there will be some redundancies.
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