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TOPIC: Should I use "do" or "did"?

Should I use "do" or "did"? #93

  • grant
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I am a bit confused by a situation when I have to describe something in the past but which is still true now. In such situation, should I use present tense or past tense?
e.g. Last week, we went to the supermarket to buy some rice but as it was too heavy for me to bring it to the counter. I therefore asked Peter to help as he Was the strongest in our group.

Question: Peter is still the strongest now. Should I use "was" or"is"?

e.g.My mon asked me to eat pineapple yesterday but I didn't as I DO not like its smell.

Question: Should I use "do" or "did"?
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Should I use "do" or "did"? #94

  • cbre
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In your first example I would use the simple past as you are talking about a shopping trip last week, and next time you go shopping you may have a different group of people with you.

In your second example you should use "do" as you are talking about a general fact.
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