Sales and Marketing

ENDORSE ɛnˈdɔrs

19 May 2019


  • (of famous people) to publically say that you think a product is good.
Example Sentence: The boxer endorses the energy drink in their latest commercial.

COUPON kupɒn

16 May 2019


  • part of a printed advert that can be used to buy or get a product.
Example Sentence: Collect the coupons from our magazine to get a 20% discount!

COMPETITIVE kəmˈpɛtɪtɪv

15 May 2019


  • offering a price or service that is as good or better than other companies.
Example Sentence: They are offering the new computer at a very competitive price.

COLD-CALL koʊld kɔl

14 May 2019


  • to call somebody to try to sell something without permission or warning.
Example Sentence: I hate it when people cold-call to sell me things.

Brand Awareness
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11 May 2019

brænd əwɛərnɛs


  • in welchem ​​Umfang eine Marke wird von der Öffentlichkeit anerkannt.
Beispielsatz: Die Kampagne zielt darauf ab, Markenbekanntheit des Landes zu stärken.

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09 May 2019


  • Service, der nach etwas vorgesehen ist, wurde verkauft.
Beispielsatz: Das Unternehmen wurde für seine hervorragenden After-Sales-Service gelobt.

VOUCHER vaʊtʃər

06 May 2019


  • a paper which can be exchanged for something up to a certain value.
Example Sentence: My aunty always gives me book vouchers at Christmas.

Unique Selling Point
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04 May 2019


  • Ein Merkmal eines Produktes, das es anders als der Rest macht.
Beispielsatz: Es ist Unique Selling Point ist, dass es wasserdicht ist, anders als die anderen.

TEASER CAMPAIGN tizər kæmˈpeɪn

29 Apr 2019


  • an advertising campaign that attracts the attention of people.
Example Sentence: The teaser campaign was run 3 months before product was launched.

TACTIC tæktɪk

26 Apr 2019


  • strategy; a plan of how to achieve something.
Example Sentence: The tactic worked and they managed to seal a deal.

SPONSOR spɒnsər

23 Apr 2019


  • to pay money towards something in exchange for advertising space.
Example Sentence: They sponsored the Olympic Games in Sydney.

SOLE soʊl

22 Apr 2019


  • alone; being the only one.
Example Sentence: They are the sole distributor of the luxury car.

SLOGAN sloʊgən

20 Apr 2019


  • A phrase which a company creates to accompany a product.
Example Sentence: Which product had the slogan, 'You can't beat the feeling?'.

PRICEY praɪsi

15 Apr 2019


  • expensive (informal)
Example Sentence: We decided not to buy the sofa as it was a quite pricey.


14 Apr 2019


  • the exact place where a product is sold.
Example Sentence: The shop has put up new point of sale display boards around the till.