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09 May 2019


  • Service, der nach etwas vorgesehen ist, wurde verkauft.
Beispielsatz: Das Unternehmen wurde für seine hervorragenden After-Sales-Service gelobt.


08 May 2019


  • when information spreads through conversation.
Example Sentence: The shop's success is entirely down to word-of-mouth.

WELL-ESTABLISHED wɛlɪˈstæblɪʃt

07 May 2019


  • having existed for a long time & having many clients.
Example Sentence: They are a well-established firm of lawyers.

VOUCHER vaʊtʃər

06 May 2019


  • a paper which can be exchanged for something up to a certain value.
Example Sentence: My aunty always gives me book vouchers at Christmas.


05 May 2019


  • unstable; changing quickly, especially of markets.
Example Sentence: Oil markets are volatile because of the war.

Unique Selling Point
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04 May 2019


  • Ein Merkmal eines Produktes, das es anders als der Rest macht.
Beispielsatz: Es ist Unique Selling Point ist, dass es wasserdicht ist, anders als die anderen.

UNDERVALUED ʌndərˈvælyu

03 May 2019


  • not appreciated/priced as much as something should be.
Example Sentence: She feels that her work is undervalued by her new boss.

UNDERPERFORM ʌndərpərˈfɔrm

02 May 2019


  • not doing as well as it should.
Example Sentence: The new mobile phone is underperforming on the Asian market.

TRANSPARENT trænsˈpɛərənt

01 May 2019


  • clear and open for all to see.
Example Sentence: People want the government to have more transparent processes.

TERMINATE tɜrməˌneɪt

30 Apr 2019


  • to stop something before the end, especially a contract.
Example Sentence: They want to terminate the contract after doing 10 years of business.

TEASER CAMPAIGN tizər kæmˈpeɪn

29 Apr 2019


  • an advertising campaign that attracts the attention of people.
Example Sentence: The teaser campaign was run 3 months before product was launched.

TARIFF tærɪf

28 Apr 2019


  • a tax on imports when they enter a country.
Example Sentence: They set high tariffs to protect their domestic car industry.

TALK SHOP tɔk ʃɒp

27 Apr 2019


  • to talk about your job in a boring way.
Example Sentence: I'm not going to the office party. Everyone will just talk shop!

TACTIC tæktɪk

26 Apr 2019


  • strategy; a plan of how to achieve something.
Example Sentence: The tactic worked and they managed to seal a deal.

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25 Apr 2019



  • das Ergebnis gesteigert durch die Kombination von zwei oder mehr Dinge.
Beispielsatz: Gemeinsam schaffen wir eine Synergie, dass wir nicht allein tun konnte.