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This forum is for questions on business grammar. That means all your questions should have a business, not general, context.

TOPIC: 'fine with' vs 'fine for'

'fine with' vs 'fine for' #468

  • sunlife
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Please tell me is there is any difference between these two, and the correct usage of them.
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'fine with' vs 'fine for' #469

  • guest3
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I believe the difference between these is the following:

You (or another person) can be fine with something like a plan, an idea, a situation. For example: "I'm with with John's plan to reduce overtime payments." And: "We're both fine with the arrangements you've made for the Christmas party."

Whereas, something can be fine for something else. For example: "This simple contract is fine for the time being. We can always edit it later." And: The design on the packaging is fine for this type of product."

Does this answer your question? Hope so.

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