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This forum is for questions on business grammar. That means all your questions should have a business, not general, context.

TOPIC: Which sentence is correct?

Which sentence is correct? #436

  • icbc
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1.We will select XXX for reviewing the XX process
2.We will select XXX to review the XXX process
3.We will select XXX for detailed review
Which sentence is correct?
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Which sentence is correct? #437

  • hkgolf
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You ask what is the different between detail and detailed.
Detail is either a noun or a verb.
E.g. Please let me know if you need any further details.(noun)
The domputer's features are detailed in the brochure.(verb)
Detailed is an adject ive and so in your sentence, this would be the correct usage.
E.g. We did a detailed review. (the adjective describes the noun - review).Detail would be incorrect in this situation.
Regarding your second question, answers 1 & 2 are correct grammatically.
Sentences 3 is incorrect as there is a missing article - a detailed review.
In addition, the meaning is different .In 1 & amp2, you select XXXX to review a process.
However, in 3, you are reviewing XXXX, so the meaning changes.
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