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Business Word/Phrase of the Day

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EXCESS ɛksɛs

20 Mar 2024


  • a part of the cost of an accident, injury, etc. that you agree to pay yourself when you buy insurance:
Example Sentence: Cover would cost £239 a year with a £75 excess, or £215 a year with a £250 excess.



INSURANCE ASSESSMENT nˈʃʊərəns əˈsɛsmən

19 Mar 2024


  • the analysis done by the insurer to determine the specific costs of a claim.
Example Sentence: The assessment of these expenses will take approximately 2 weeks.



MEDICAL EXPENSES mɛdɪkəl ɪkˈspɛns

18 Mar 2024


  • the money spent in a hospital for medicine, doctors’ fees, tests, etc.
Example Sentence: Often medical expenses can be used when filing taxes each year.



REIMBURSE riɪmˈbɜrs

17 Mar 2024


  • the customer pays the expenses first and the insurance company pays the customer back after a claim is filed.
Example Sentence: I hope my insurance company reimburses those expenses soon—they totalled nearly $3,000!



MEDICAL COVERAGE mɛdɪkə kʌvərɪdʒ

16 Mar 2024


  • medical expenses which are covered by the insurance policy.
Example Sentence: My medical coverage won’t pay for medicine I get abroad.



TRAVEL INSURANCE trævəl ɪnˈʃʊərəns

15 Mar 2024


  • insurance which covers travellers in foreign countries, usually covers medical expenses, sometimes additional expenses.
Example Sentence: Travellers insurance is very important when traveling in developing or developed countries.



POLICY TERMS pɒləsi tɜrms

14 Mar 2024


  • the details of a policy including exclusions and premium information; terms can also refer to the time frame that the policy covers or includes.
Example Sentence: The terms of this policy are clearly explained at our website.



INSURANCE BENEFITS ɪnˈʃʊərəns bɛnəfɪts

13 Mar 2024


  • the amount of money the policy will pay after a claim.
Example Sentence: The insurance benefits of this life insurance policy are paid up to $100,000.



DAMAGE EVENT dæmɪdʒ ɪˈvɛnt

12 Mar 2024


  • an event such as a natural disaster, car accident, or injury which causes damage to a person or to property.
Example Sentence: Before you can receive your benefits, you need to write a page detailing the damage event.


11 Mar 2024


  • send paperwork in which details an event in order to get money from the insurance company.
Example Sentence: Once a claim is filed, you will receive your benefits within 90 days.



CLAIM  kleɪm

10 Mar 2024


  • the filing of an accident, natural disaster or death in order to get money from insurance company.
Example Sentence: Have you filed a claim yet for that car accident?



BENEFICIARY ˌbɛnəˈfɪʃiˌɛri

09 Mar 2024


  • the person who will receive something.
Example Sentence: I was the sole beneficiary in my father's will.

ANNUAL PREMIUM ænyuəl primiəm

08 Mar 2024


  • the cost of the insurance paid every year.
Example Sentence: The annual premium is paid on the first of March.



QUARTERLY PREMIUM kwɔrtərli primiəm

07 Mar 2024


  • the cost of the insurance, paid every 3 months.
Example Sentence: The quarterly premium is the annual premium divided by four.



PREMIUM primiəm

06 Mar 2024


  • an amount to be paid for an insurance policy.
Example Sentence: My auto insurance premium increased by 25% this year because I had to make a claim last year.