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Business Word/Phrase of the Day

word-phrase-descEvery day we publish a business word or phrase together with audio pronunciation, phonetics, definition and example sentences. This is a great way to improve your workplace vocabulary as well as your pronunciation. To receive 'Business Word/Phrase of the Day' by email, just subscribe to our newsletter from the link above. 

A RECEIPT /rɪˈsit/

17 Jul 2024


  • the act of receiving or a written record of a transaction.
Example Sentence: The teller gave the customer a receipt for his deposit.

PROVE pruv

17 Jun 2024


  • Prove is the verb form of the noun proof. To prove is to show that something is true.
Example Sentences: They suspected that she'd killed him but they could never actually prove that it was her.
Computers have been used to prove mathematical theorems.


17 May 2024


  • To cut a deal is to make a successful, usually business, arrangement with someone or another company.
Example Sentences: We're both competing for the same business. Perhaps we can cut a deal to share out the work.
We've cut a deal with the sales staff. They've agreed to reduce their basic salary in return for more commission.

CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN /sər tif′i kit ʌv ôr′ə jin/

17 Apr 2024


  • A certificate stating the country in which a commodity has been grown, milled, produced, manufactured or assembled.
Example Sentences:According to the certificate of origin, this lamp shade was made in Thailand.

REIMBURSE riɪmˈbɜrs

17 Mar 2024


  • the customer pays the expenses first and the insurance company pays the customer back after a claim is filed.
Example Sentence: I hope my insurance company reimburses those expenses soon—they totalled nearly $3,000!



DEPARTURE BOARD dɪˈpɑrtʃər bɔrd

17 Feb 2024


  • an electronic notice board giving details of all the flights leaving the airport or train station.
Example Sentence: According to the departure board, the next train to Manchester leaves in 10 minutes.



ITINERARY aɪˈtɪnəˈrɛri

17 Jan 2024


  • the plan of your travel, the places you will visit on a trip.
Example Sentence: Your tour guide will plan the itinerary of your holiday for your visit to Scotland.



SUBORDINATE səˈbɔrdnɪt

17 Dec 2023


  • somebody who is in a lower position than somebody else in an organization.
Example Sentence: He was accused of abusing his subordinates.

BUYOUT baɪˌaʊt

17 Nov 2023


  • when a person or group buys control of a company.
Example Sentence: A private equity firm has completed its $3.5bn buyout of the UK music group.

MARK-UP mɑrk ʌp

17 Oct 2023


  • an increase in the price of something.
Example Sentence: There is a mark-up of 40% on these foreign imports.

TRANSPARENT trænsˈpɛərənt

17 Sep 2023


  • clear and open for all to see.
Example Sentence: People want the government to have more transparent processes.

MAKE GAINS meɪk geɪns

17 Aug 2023


  • to achieve a stronger position or get positive results (especially business)
Example Sentence: He's confident that the company will make gains in the near future.


17 Jul 2023


  • a receipt from a carrier confirming that the goods have been received.
Example Sentence: States may require freight carriers to provide their bill of lading.

SEND OFF sɛnd ɔf

17 Jun 2023

Phrasal Verb

  • post
Example Sentence: Have you sent off your application form yet?

BREAK UP breɪk ʌp

17 May 2023

Phrasal Verb

  • collapse.
Example Sentence: He may break up under all the stress.