Workplace English Training E-Platform's Level Check Test, designed by language experts, is based on the same methodology as IELTS and BULATS. The test assesses your English level for Business. The results are presented in a report that indicates your ability in the assessed skills of Listening and Reading/Language Knowledge and Grammar. The report describes what you can and cannot do in these language areas. The test is FREE only for subscribers!

How can the Test Help me?

Taking this test can help you in the following ways:

  • It provides you with a benchmark for your current proficiency in English for the workplace.
  • It gives you an opportunity to set realistic goals for language improvement based on your current level.
  • It helps you target which areas you need to work on and which level you need to start from for language study.

Once you know your level, you can choose to do the following as part of your studies with Workplace English Training E-Platform:

  • Take an online Business English Course (Business Speaking or Business Writing Levels 1 - 4) + other more specialised courses; or
  • Create your own Learning Path by selecting the topics at your level you’d like to focus on.

How is the test divided?

The Level Check is divided into two sections:

  1. Grammar and Language Knowledge Listening (15 minutes time limit)
  2. Listening (20 minutes time limit)

Test Instructions

  • Most of the questions are in a multiple choice format. For each question, select what you think is the correct answer.
  • When you have finished a page of questions, click on the "Next" button to go to the next page.
  • At the top of each screen, you will see how much time you have remaining to complete the test.
  • You can move back and forward freely between pages and change your answers at any time.
  • Once you've completed the test, click the Submit button.
  • You will see your Business English Level Report including your score, benchmark level, and a description of your level. You can then print this out for future reference.