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  2. Once logged in, you can preview any of the 1,200 documents from Business in a Box by clicking on the links in the right hand column. You can browse by document type or document category.
  3. To gain access to the 500 free documents available to members of Workplace English Training E-Platform, you will need to download the 'Business-in-a-Box' software. Just follow the download link from any of the preview screens to do this. NOTE: If you have a Windows 10 browser you will be unable to access the free documents; however, you can still download the Business in a Box trial version from here
  4. The free documents are in the 'Letters & Notices' category. You can edit and use these documents.
  5. You can preview all the documents but in order to have access to editable forms of the documents you will need to purchase 'Business-in-a-Box.'

NOTE: you can also search for documents using the website's search facility .