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writingIn some types of business writing, such as in reports, company manuals, proposals etc., the content is often more complex and may be more factual. A lot of extra information may be needed to support the main ideas. This extra information, while not being of central importance to the document, may be required to help the reader to acquire a more complete picture.

With so many bits of information to include, the writer is often faced with the problem of how to fit it all together.  Writing in consecutive short sentences makes reading rather uncomfortable and boring.  This may also result in repetition of words, making the writing sound a little clumsy.

Good business writers use a range of sentence lengths, some short (7-15 words), some medium length (16-25 words) and some longer (26-40 words) to help the writing flow and sound more interesting.  Longer sentences usually consist of a main clause together with a supporting clause(s) and supplementary details.  You should avoid writing in sentences longer than 40 words as they become increasingly more difficult to read.

In this lesson, we’ll look briefly at some of the techniques that business writers use to create longer, more complex sentences.