letter1Goodwill letters are actually social letters written to business contacts. They are used to show your business associates (clients, customers, contractors, etc.) that you are not just trying to make money off of them, but that you actually do care about them as people. Examples of goodwill correspondence include a letter of thanks to a supplier that has given you a particularly good deal or a letter to one of your subordinates showing your appreciation for the hard work he or she has recently put in.

Goodwill letters are primarily used to build up good personal relations with those you do business with. A secondary purpose is to enhance your existing business relations with the reader. Taking the examples above, the supplier might be more inclined to continue to give you good deals; the employee might be even more motivated to continue his/her good work.

The most common forms of goodwill correspondence are:

  • Thank you letters
  • Letters of congratulation
  • Invitation letter
  • Sympathy letters