writing-reportsWhen replying to a letter, email or fax asking for advice, we often discuss what we think might be the cause of the problem which the person enquiring is experiencing. When we do this, we usually use modal verbs such as can, could, might or would, for example:

Excessive overuse can seriously affect the operation of our equipment.
The cause of your problem could be excessive overuse.
It might be that excessive overuse is behind your problems.
Excessive overuse would create the effects that you described.

It is then logical to follow this explanation with advice or suggestions about what can be done to avoid the problem. When you do this it is common to use a statement using the modal verbs should or ought to, such as in the following example:

In order to avoid this problem, you should/ought to ensure that the equipment is installed in a dry place.

I would strongly advise you to make sure that all appliances are running off the correct voltage.