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Email, Notice of a Business Meeting, Gap Fill Exercise
Cardinal Numbers - mp3 audio file
Writing Numbers as Words - Practice Exercises
Writing Numbers as Words - Study Notes
Decimals - mp3 audio file
Measures - mp3 audio file
Ordinals - mp3 audio file
Using Prepositions of Place
Tips to Improve Your English
Spelling Rules and Help: Study Notes (Tips)
British vs American English: Exercises
British vs American English: Study Notes
Increading Specific Vocabulary
Communication Problems in English
Methodology for Learning New Vocabulary
Methodology for Learning New Vocabulary
Speaking Tips
Telephone Tips
Using Question Tags
How to Address People in English
Showing Obligation – Should vs Ought to vs Have to vs Must
Business Letters - Open Punctuation - Full Blocked Layout Style
Asking for and Giving Directions
Appreciate vs Would Appreciate
Greeting a Visitor at Your Office
Using Prepositions with Times and Dates
Leaving Telephone Messages
Improving Your Listening Comprehension
Problems with Prepositions
Using Capital Letters in Your Writing
British English vs American English
A Little vs Little vs A Few vs Few
Greeting and Saying Goodbye
The International Alphabet - mp3 audio file
The International Alphabet
Asking and Answering Questions
Confusing Pairs of Words
Using And and But to Make Connections
Due to vs Because of vs Owing to
Spelling Differences Between British English and American English
How to Start and Finish Emails
Recommended Format for Business Letters
Comparison of Adjectives
Five Commonly Confused Pairs of Words
Differences Between British and American English - Study Notes
Three Rules for Using Articles - Study Notes
Developing Your Vocabulary
Using Common Connectives
Using Common Connectives
While vs During