Useful Phrases for Business Meetings
Business Letters - Open Punctuation - Full Blocked Layout Style
Business Meetings - Opening a Business Meeting
Business Writing - Include One Idea Per Sentence
Easily Confused Words
Signposting Language for Business Presentations
Using the Past Perfect Tense
Knowing When to Use the Passive Voice
Telephoning - Controlling a Call with a Native Speaker
Tips for Business Presentations
Although vs Though vs Despite vs In Spite of
Job Application Letter vs Job Covering Letter
Leaving an Answerphone Message
Asking for Payment in Writing
General Speaking Tips - Correcting Understanding
General Speaking Tips - Responding and Showing Interest
Asking for and Giving Directions
Conversation Starters with Overseas Visitors
Useful Verbs for Writing Minutes of Meetings
Appreciate vs Would Appreciate
Greeting a Visitor at Your Office
Guidelines for Choosing the Right Tone in Business Documents
Using Prepositions with Times and Dates
Writing Letters with Good and Bad News
Giving Bad News Before Good News to Emphasise the Good News
Using Parallel Structure in Business Writing
Using Precise, Active Verbs
Cut Out Wordy Phrases and Redundancy from Your Writing
Leaving Telephone Answer Phone Messages
Three Common Punctuation Errors
Allow vs Permit vs Let vs Enable
Common Errors with Verb + Infinitive or Gerund
Leaving Telephone Messages
Improving Your Listening Comprehension
Problems with Prepositions
Using Capital Letters in Your Writing
British English vs American English
A Little vs Little vs A Few vs Few
Use Pronouns to Avoid Sexist Writing
Email Etiquette
Greeting and Saying Goodbye
The International Alphabet
Interrupting and Avoiding Commenting at Business Meetings
Keeping a Conversation Going
Asking and Answering Questions
Business Greetings