Indian Economy to Overtake the UK - mp3 audio file
Model Instructions: Fire Instructions
Instructions for Assembling System and Starting Operations
Instructions for Dealing with Vehicle Emergencies
Instructions for Hand Washing Kitchen Utensils
Instructions for Hiring a Personnel Officer for the Personnel Department
Instructions for Sending a Fax
Instructions on How to Operate the Canon XL20 Photocopier
Instructions for Sending a Fax
Writing Instructions: Language Considerations - Study Notes
Report Writing Workshop: Study Notes
Computer Lab
Weekly Meeting
Describing Graphs and Trends - Practice Exercises
Describing Graphs and Trends - Study Notes
Model Business Document: Email informing staff about computer use
Model Email: Informing
Model Business Document: Email, Informing
Model Business Document: Email, Informing
Email recomending change of supplier
Email, request
Email: Example of a More Formal Writing Style
Model Email: Cover During my Annual Leave
Model Email: Example of a More Formal Writing Style
Model Email: Banking Overdraft Charges
Model Email: Investment Director’s Report
Model Email: OfficeBox Software
Model Email: Overtime Payments
Model Email: Pilot Timelines
Model Email: PlutonX Series Computer
Model Email: Use of Stationery
Model Email: Wong and Co Property Meeting
Writing Business Emails:: Study Notes
Model Email: Local Table Setups
Model Email: New Project
Model Email: Keith Fong’s Visit
Model Email: SSKE/ST – Spare Parts (Functions: confirming, requesting)
Model Email: Storage of Old Documents
Model Email: Transfer Request
Model Email: Variety (Drinks Machines) Ltd
Model Email: Fund Administration Newsletter
Model Email: Conduct at Work
Model Email: Customer Refunds
Model Email: Employee Survey
Model Email: New Carpet for Agency Office
Model Email: Meeting to Discuss Status of Customer Service Centre
Model Email: Toxic Leaks from Containment Drums
Model Email: Equipment Damage Problem
Model Email: HCF International Securities Trust
Model Email: IDD Cost for a PC with Modem Connection