Sales and Marketing

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26 Jul 2019

seɪlz fɔr ˌ k?t


  • 당신이 판매 나중에 변경하는 기대 방법의 예측.
예제 문장 : 이 회사는 3 분기 매출 전망을 낮췄다.

판매가 억지로
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25 Jul 2019

/ seɪlz의 f?s /


  • 직업 회사의 모든 직원들이 회사의 제품이나 서비스를 구매하는 고객을 설득이다
예제 문장 : 회사 사람들이 힘을 약 3,000 판매가 세계적으로.
이 회사의 영업 인력이 제품은이 회사 정의로움에 대한 수요로 인해 떨어지는 잘라 20 %.

하드 판매
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11 Jul 2019

hɑrd sɛl


  • (판매 또는 광고) 공격적이고 강력한.
예제 문장 : 그는 고객을 유도하는 데 사용되는 하드 판매 전술을 지키려고 했어요.

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08 Jul 2019



  • 조직의 한 부분.
예제 문장 : 그녀는 회사의 전세계 영업 부문 헤드.

WHOLESALE hoʊlˌseɪl

15 Jun 2019


  • sold cheaply in large amounts, especially to shops, who resell the goods.
Example Sentence: They claim to sell their products at wholesale prices.

SUBLIMINAL sʌbˈlɪmənl

11 Jun 2019


  • in a way that cannot be noticed by the viewer.
Example Sentence: They are accused of using subliminal advertising to sell products to children.

SLASH slæʃ

09 Jun 2019


  • greatly reduce in price or number.
Example Sentence: Prices have been slashed in the summer sales.

SALES PITCH seɪlz pɪtʃ

07 Jun 2019


  • what a salesman says when trying to sell something.
Example Sentence: His sales pitch was very convincing.

MIDDLEMAN mɪdlˌmæn

02 Jun 2019


  • somebody who acts between two people/groups in business.
Example Sentence: Let's cut out the middleman and work directly with each other.

MARK-UP mɑrk ʌp

31 May 2019


  • an increase in the price of something.
Example Sentence: There is a mark-up of 40% on these foreign imports.

MAIL ORDER meɪl ɔrdər

30 May 2019


  • the sale of products that are delivered by post.
Example Sentence: She bought the skirt by mail order but it was never delivered.

LOSS LEADER lɔs lidər

28 May 2019


  • a product that is sold at a very low price to attract customers.
Example Sentence: Supermarkets often use milk as a loss leader.

ENDORSE ɛnˈdɔrs

19 May 2019


  • (of famous people) to publically say that you think a product is good.
Example Sentence: The boxer endorses the energy drink in their latest commercial.

COUPON kupɒn

16 May 2019


  • part of a printed advert that can be used to buy or get a product.
Example Sentence: Collect the coupons from our magazine to get a 20% discount!

COMPETITIVE kəmˈpɛtɪtɪv

15 May 2019


  • offering a price or service that is as good or better than other companies.
Example Sentence: They are offering the new computer at a very competitive price.