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MUTUAL FUND myutʃuəl fʌnd

29 Feb 2020


  • Savings fund that uses cash from a pool of savers to buy securities such as stock, bonds and real estate.
Example Sentence: It was another good week for mutual fund investors as equity markets moved higher and came within striking distance of the 11,000-point mark.

LIABILITIES /ˌlaɪ əˈbɪl ɪ teez/

28 Feb 2020


  • Liabilities include accounts payable (money you owe to suppliers), plus all current costs of doing business (mortgage payments, insurance, taxes, salaries, utilities).
Example Sentences:The business has liabilities of $2 million.
If our liabilities increase further, we’ll have to consider closing down the company.


27 Feb 2020


  • Buying or selling with the help of information known only to those connected with the business.
Example Sentence: Several executives in the company have been charged by the financial authorities with insider trading.

INSIDER ɪnˈsaɪdər

26 Feb 2020


  • All those who have access to inside information concerning the company.
Example Sentence: Carlson knows an insider in the company who's willing to pass him confidential information about the company's performance.

FUTURES fyutʃər

25 Feb 2020


  • Contracts to buy or sell securities at a future date.
Example Sentence: If you invest in futures and predict that a stock will decrease in value by a certain date, but the stock actually increases in value, you will lose money.

EQUITY ɛkwɪti

24 Feb 2020


  • The value of stocks and shares; the net value of mortgaged property.
Example Sentences: He sold his equity in the company last year.
The rights give holders the opportunity to purchase additional equity interests in the company at a big discount.

DIVIDEND dɪvɪˌdɛnd

23 Feb 2020


  • A portion of a company's earnings which is paid to the shareholders/stockholders on a quarterly or annual basis.
Example Sentence: Dividends of US$0.4 per share will be paid out to shareholders on March 31 after a year of record profits.


22 Feb 2020


  • Products such as agricultural products and natural resources (wood, oil and metals) that are traded on a separate, authorized commodities exchange.
Example Sentence: The country's most valuable commodities include tin and diamonds.

CAPITAL kæpɪtl

21 Feb 2020


  • Money used for producing more wealth or for starting a new business.
Example Sentences: She leaves her capital untouched in the bank and lives off the interest.
We've put 20 000 capital into the business, but we're unlikely to see any return for a few years.

BOND /band/

20 Feb 2020


  • an official paper given by the government or a company to show that you have lent them money that they will pay back to you at an interest rate that does not change
Example Sentences:I invested some money in savings bonds.
When bank interest rates are low, government bonds are often the best investment option.


19 Feb 2020


  • Stocks of leading companies with a reputation for stable growth and earnings.
Example Sentence: Coca Cola and BP are examples of blue chip stocks.

BID bɪd

18 Feb 2020


  • The price a buyer is willing to offer for shares in a company.
Example Sentences: When trading online, be careful that you don't bid too high for the shares.
How much did you bid for the shares?

WIN-WIN wɪn wɪn

17 Feb 2020


  • describes a situation, plan, etc. in which you cannot lose, whatever choice of action you make, or in which all the groups involved will gain benefits.
Example Sentences: This is a win-win situation for her, because whoever wins this match, she's still going to be champion.
Promoting fair-trade is a win-win option, because everyone, both producers and consumers, benefits.

TOUCH BASE tʌtʃ beɪs

16 Feb 2020


  • If you touch base with someone, you get in touch and communicate briefly with them on some topic.
Example Sentence: Nancy, I urgently need to touch base with you on the Helegon project. Do you have any time to meet this afternoon?


15 Feb 2020


  • Are people who work in offices, doing work that needs mental rather than physical effort. White collar workers are generally better educated and more highly paid.
Example Sentence: Jim is a typical white collar worker – university-educated, middle-class background, working for a well-known high-street bank.