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TO EMBEZZLE ɛmˈbɛzəl

14 Apr 2020


  • to steal money that belongs to your employer.
Example Sentence: The bank's manager was able to embezzle thousands of dollars from his employer.

TO INFILTRATE ɪnˈfɪltreɪt

13 Apr 2020


  • to enter an organization/company secretly in order to gain information about it or cause harm to it.
Example Sentence: The company was infiltrated by Russian agents who stole the description of the new technology.

ACQUISITION ækwəˈzɪʃən

12 Apr 2020


  • the process of getting or buying something, especially another business
Example Sentence: The company will pay $210 million in cash to complete the acquisition.

FRANCHISEE fræntʃaɪˈzi

11 Apr 2020


  • a company or a person to whom franchise rights (of a product, service etc) are granted.
Example Sentence: The franchisor always provides the franchisee with a franchise operation manual to make sure that everything is explained properly.

BARGAINING CHIP bɑrgənɪŋ tʃɪp

10 Apr 2020


  • something that can be traded in a negotiation to gain advantage for yourself.
Example Sentence: The minister has a bargaining chip – she will only agree to the bailout if the opposition supports her competitiveness pack.

ADMINISTRATION ædˌmɪnəˈstreɪʃən

09 Apr 2020


  • the management of any office, business, or organization; direction.
Example Sentence: Changes to the administration will occur after May 1st.

CORRESPOND kɔrəˈspɒnd

08 Apr 2020


  • to be in agreement or conformity
Example Sentence: We hope that our results will correspond with previous findings.

TENANT tɛnənt

07 Apr 2020


  • a person or group that rents and occupies land, a house, an office, or the like, from another for a period of time.
Example Sentence: The tenants were upset about the recent changes to the lease.

RETAIL riteɪl

06 Apr 2020


  • related to the selling of goods in small quantities (e.g. in a store).
Example Sentence: The retail price was reduced by 30% after the holidays.

PERCENTAGE pərˈsɛntɪdʒ

05 Apr 2020


  • rate or proportion out of 100.
Example Sentence: A percentage of the income will be given to a local charity.

BREACH britʃ

04 Apr 2020


  • to make a breach (break) or opening in OR to act contrary to….
Example Sentence: After the breach in security new officers were hired.

INVOICE ɪnvɔɪs

03 Apr 2020


  • a detailed bill for items or service.
Example Sentence: The invoice was received by the customer within two weeks.


02 Apr 2020


  • ability to bend, change or adapt without breaking.
Example Sentence: During a period of change it is important to have flexibility.

VENDOR vɛndər

01 Apr 2020


  • someone who sells something.
Example Sentence: The street vendor offered a range of products made by local people.


31 Mar 2020


  • to transfer from public or government control or ownership to private enterprise.
Example Sentence: The privatization of health care is an important issue.